Design Resources

This space is dedicated to my own tools and indexing design resources I find useful.


The Brandpress is a tool I built to help with designing brand identities.

Designing brand identities can be just as rewarding as it is challenging. I developed the Brandpress to help designers get the most of their clients up front to make sure everyone is on the same page from the beginning. It also provides a great head start to creating meaningful designs.

A free version of the Brandpress is available.


The UXdb is a tool I built to index the design artifacts I make during the design process.

Many of the pieces in the UXdb are informal documents that emerged naturally in the course of my work. Formal documents, sometimes called deliverables, are also included. Since 2015, I have saved everything from a sketch on a napkin, or a whiteboard drawing, to large wireframe files and HTML prototypes.

Password required. Please contact me for UXdb access.

Website Evaluations

I developed a website evaluation report to measure the holistic status of a website.

It is difficult to determine the amount of time and resources needed to launch or redesign a successful website. The website evaluation framework allows the designers to take a holistic measure of the website and understand what needs to be done, before a project agreement is reached. As a result, the website evaluation increases the accuracy of scope and costs.


A few of my favorite books on UX + product design.

The Design of Everyday Things

By Don Norman

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The Inmates Are Running The Assylum

By Alan Cooper

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The Jobs to be Done Playbook

By Jim Kalbach

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