McKay Galeano Adams

I am a Strategic Product Designer with more than 12 years experience. I specialize in the early stages of design thinking and product strategy.

Case Studies

A curated sample of challenges I have encountered in the past and how I worked with a team to find solutions to the problems we faced.

Selecting Your TV Subscription

The process of adding 20 additional base packs and 2 new patterns to the existing signup experience.

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Navigation Validation

Could a layout improve overall task times? I built a prototype and validated my assumption with UVU students.

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Turn up the BleepTV

Refactoring the information architecture alleviates cognitive load and accommodates the users mental model.

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The Lassy Project

How do you make an emergency alert easy to trigger without hitting it inadvertently? Find out what we did.

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New & Noteworthy

The latest UX news and industry insights from thought leaders around the world.

Meditations on Design

The latest UX news and industry insights from thought leaders around the world.


Professional recommendations from colleagues and coworkers

Kirk Eisle

His strategic thinking, dedication to putting us on the right path before starting implementation and ability to work with a wide array of different personality types helped immensely during our frenetic early growth phase.

Gaige Redd

He's great at conducting face to face user testing, using quantitative data, and competitive analysis to validate design decisions. He also has a firm grasp of engineering and development for a wide range of platforms.